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O sobie: Gamers that love a good scare but want a friend there to keep them safe should pick up a copy of Resident Evil 6. Some Resident Evil enthusiasts were not happy about the co-op mode being added to Resident Evil 5 and carried over to this 6th game (co-op was actually removed from Resident Evil 7), but we think co-op gamers will appreciate what is here. This survival horror game offers 6 characters and 3 stories in its campaign mode to choose from. Overcooked is arguably one of the best local co-op experiences available on current gen hardware and is the perfect sort of game for busting out at parties. Up to four players take control of chefs in a restaurant kitchen and are tasked with putting out customer orders as quickly as possible. Its a deceptively simple gameplay concept, but in practice, it can turn into absolute pandemonium, especially when you add more players to the mix. Much like in a real kitchen, players must balance food prep, cooking, washing dishes, and plating and delivering the meals. https://cargamesflash.com/